Cobra MR12B 12 Amp LBEC Multirotor ESC

Cobra MR12B 12 Amp LBEC Multirotor ESC

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Max Continuous Current, A 12
Peak Current, A / 15 S 15
Input Voltage, V 6-16
Number of cells / LiPo 2-4
BEC Output / Voltage, V 5.0
BEC Output / Current, A 1
Size, mm / Length 32
Size, mm / Width 12
Size, mm / Thickness 8
Weight, g 12.2

Cobra Multirotor Speed Controllers are designed to be the perfect compliment to the Cobra Multirotor motors, but can also be used with virtually any brand brushless motor. These speed controllers use a proprietary firmware that is optimized for use in multirotors, and are able to accept refresh rates of up to 500 Hz from your flight controller board. They come set up and ready to go from the factory, so in most cases, no programming of any kind is required.

The Cobra 12 amp Speed Controllers feature a Linear type BEC circuit that provides 5 volts at 1 amp of current to power your receiver and flight controller. When using multiple ESC's on the same multirotor, it is best to disable the BEC circuit on all but 1 of the ESC's by pulling the red wire contact out of the control cable connector. This contact should be covered with heat shrink or tape to ensue that it does not short out against anything in the multirotor frame.

The Cobra 12A Opto Multirotor ESC comes with a set of 2.0mm female bullet connectors already installed. If you prefer to direct solder your motors to the speed controller, the bullet connectors can be easily removed with a soldering iron.

Cobra Multirotor Speed Controller Features

  • Easy Set-up and Operation
  • Throttle Range automatically detected and set for smooth, linear throttle response
  • 500 Hz refresh rate is compatible with most flight controllers on the market
  • Safe Start-Up: The ESC will not arm until the throttle is in the idle position
  • Locked-Rotor Protection: If the motor is blocked so the prop cannot rotate, the ESC will automatically shut down to prevent damage
  • PWM Frequency is set to 8KHz for best operation on a wide range of motors
  • Over Temp Protection: Shuts down the ESC output if temperature exceeds 230F (110C)
  • Auto Power Cut-off: If the throttle signal is lost for more than 3 seconds, the throttle will reduce to idle to prevent fly-aways.