FrSky TFR4SB 3/16ch S.BUS Receiver FASST Compatible

FrSky TFR4SB 3/16ch S.BUS Receiver FASST Compatible

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Firmware Upgradable Yes
Number of Channels / Conventional (PWM) 3
Number of Channels / SBUS 16
Failsafe Yes
FASST 2.4G Yes
Operating Temperature Range, °C -10 ~ 80
Length, mm 41
Width, mm 24
Height, mm 6
Weight, g 6


Compatible systems:
FASST 2.4G Air Systems (7CH Mode/Multi Mode): 6EX, 7C, TM-7, TM-8, T8FG, T10C, TM-10, T10CG, T12Z, T12FG, TM-14, T14MZ, etc.
FASST 2.4G Surface Systems (C1 Mode): 3PK, 4PK, etc.

Compatible servos at SB port:
Futaba S.BUS servos, FrSky servos


  • Model: TFR4SB (3CH FASST compatible receiver with SB port)
  • Dimension: 41*24*6mm
  • Weight: 6.0g/4.2g(naked)
  • Operating Voltage Range: 3.5V ~ 10V
  • Operating Temperature Range: -10°C ~ 80°C
  • Servo Frame Rate:
    14ms (FS - Normal Speed Mode)
    7ms (HS - High Speed Mode)


  • Compatible with FASST 2.4G: Air Systems (7CH Mode/Multi Mode) & Surface Systems (C1 Mode)
  • SB port is compatible with Futaba S.BUS servos and FrSky servo D12MB. No receiver channel limits (except by those on your transmitter) and prevent mismatched servo-channel connections.
  • Two selectable failsafe setting options (use native failsafe on radio side or set failsafe on TFR4SB side)
  • Improved sensitivity and stability
  • Wider and higher operating temperature range, suitable for all kinds of models